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“I have always been interested in field patterns, and how geology dictates the agriculture of a district. A lot of my work is based on walking, or even driving, through the landscape, trying to understand it, rather than from a static viewpoint. I draw outside, but then work in the studio, where my dominating interest is in form and colour.

 A parallel, but linked, seam of work loses the representational landscape elements to give way to untidy patchworks of colour. I play for hours with each of these, sometimes over years, until satisfied by a balanced composition. 

At the same time as following my own inclinations, I have accidentally become an illustrator. Time spent drawing outside led to noticing birds and their habitats, till they became an important ingredient in my work. Due to this, I was commissioned to illustrate the book of the Radio4 series ‘Tweet of the Day’, then to do a regular illustration for the ‘Bird of the Month ‘column in The Oldie magazine. I am also jacket illustrator for the two series: ‘British Wildlife Collection ‘ and ‘Encounters in the Wild‘.

The span of work between illustrating to order and the unlimited playing with colour suits my restless nature, as does working in a variety of media. When one vein becomes exhausted, another is ready and waiting.

C A Luddington 2017

Lane Through Green Fields

Walton Hill  SOLD



Deer in the Park


Hillside Badgers  SOLD

White Tree  SOLD

Blue Tree

Green Square

Orange Line  SOLD

Summer Fields  SOLD

Autumn Fox  SOLD

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